Where We Excel

CapitalHQ serves companies (public and private), non-profits, high-profile individuals, and governments at all levels, with passion, excellence, and commitment to unsurpassed results.


From public company earnings calls to private company research findings, CapitalHQ ensures the audience you seek sees and hears your message clearly.


The start-up that wants to tell its story to customers and investors, and the long-established tech firm reshaping its image for changing times turn to CapitalHQ for advice, direction and hands-on message management.


CapitalHQ is among the most astute communications practitioners in the always moving, ever changing healthcare industry, serving clients in all aspects of this most critical and government-intensive field.

Public Policy

Campaigns, opinion formation, legislation and political communication in all forms are in the DNA of CapitalHQ, as Governors, Senators and other key officeholders regularly select our firm for advice and services.


Clients in the evolving world of education at all levels choose CapitalHQ to communicate with key audiences, including families, government, financial supporters and media.

Sports and Entertainment

Years of trusted relationship building has earned CapitalHQ a stellar reputation rival to none. Through whatever mode you appear in front of an audience, we will be sure you are always viewed as preeminent in – and on – your field.

Consumer Goods

Whether household products or luxury goods, CapitalHQ has the expertise in consumer communications to make sure your customer never feels out of step with your brand.

Hospitality, Food and Beverage

Expertise and deep relationships within the hospitality and food and beverage industries translate into our clients experiencing much more to a gala dinner or a cocktail party than a beautiful venue. CapitalHQ has a profound reputation as organizers who produce A+ speakers, flawless events, corporate sponsorships, media buzz and an engaged audience.