Our Services

Every day we strive to achieve excellence for our clients in the following areas:

Media Relations

CapitalHQ provides well-managed, highly effective brand building strategies that include message development, media placement, and coalition building. Finessing high-level relationships is our hallmark. We can boast extensive contacts in every large newsroom in America, specializing in cable television, network news, talk radio, newspapers, magazines and online news services. Strategies are designed to effectively communicate the client’s message in the areas most critical to achieving their goal.

Crisis Management

As a professional, when you or your organization are facing a crisis situation involving an urgent or emergent matter, the stakes are perilous for you or your brand. Preserving, protecting, defending and restoring your reputation or brand requires battle-tested expertise and sound judgment.

Public Relations

Non-media communications are a CapitalHQ specialty including white papers, seminars, product and service demonstrations, “friend raising” and other outreach that enhances the public’s understanding and appreciation for our clients and their work. We plan thoroughly and execute crisply.

Book Publicity

Existing New York Times best sellers, publishing houses and new authors alike utilize CapitalHQ and our ability to deliver media coverage, book reviews and the right audience for your launch party anywhere in the USA.


Memorable, superbly managed events are a core CapitalHQ offering. We tailor to the needs of national leaders, company executives and others who know the value of person-to-person dialogue in an environment conducive to closing the deal, celebrating success or any moment that brings people together at our clients’ invitation.

Media Training

We have some of the most respected names in the industry assisting our clients prepare for their time in front of the camera and microphone. We guarantee you will be more comfortable, confident and effective when the red light turns on!

Digital Communications

Compelling websites, message-contoured email and text alerts, digital media releases, and live-stream news conferences and presentations that effectively convey client messages to key audiences under the guidance of CapitalHQ.

Social Communications

CapitalHQ helps clients navigate and embrace the social media revolution. We understand what the social media age means for business and brand development as well as the importance of the right messaging in this interactive, dynamic environment.

Government Relations

Select CapitalHQ professionals have political and government service backgrounds and proudly offer the benefits of their unique perspective and related capabilities to clients who enter the sphere of public policy.

Photography and Videography

We provide complete photography, videography, design and turnkey audio-visual services for any production or event. CapitalHQ has its own in-house production team, and maintains strong relationships with local and national vendors.